Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We survived..

I feel as though 2015 should be referred to as the Ehart/Ashworth apocalypse and every day should be looked at in a survival mode.
 We made it another day, we barricaded, provided food, shelter and minimal hot water to our off spring. "The Neighbor's" survived with us..
 In all seriousness though, I ran today like a marathon and we all came out on top. I spent the morning in the class room's of my three older children while Sean stayed here with Madison (who is recovering from the plague) and Cooper.. who isn't at the age of school just yet. Sean made us home made Lasagna (including the noodles, from scratch) that I was able to pop in the oven as soon as we were able to walk through the door today and in that very moment, that I preheated the oven, I thanked every part of my universe for sending me such a wonderful man.
 After I got home from the school, I was able to inhale some semblance of a lunch, kiss my husband and children before I ran out the door again for an appointment with my heart doctor. Today was an ultra sound and I won't get the results until the 21st, when I go in for the stress test.
 I was out of that appointment in time to swing BACK by my house (for reference sake, I live off Kiowa and my heart doctor is off Hesperia Rd.. "swinging back by" is a loose reference..) to grab the littles, pulled Aubrey from school 10 minutes early JUST IN TIME to be 15 minutes late to their 2:30 dentist appointment. Please applaud, at least we made it.
 Proud Mommy moment, three of my children have made it 6 months without a cavity. (Riley doesn't go again for 2 months.. fingers crossed that I get gold stars across the board.)
 We made it home by 4:45, the kids made dessert with Casondra while I popped that amazing lasagna in the over and steamed up some green beans.
 We ate without anyone choking or coming down with some zombie like infection.. the night is still young.
 Day two of free loading off "The Neighbors" hot water was far more successful and organized then day one. We did get word today that our new (not part, but WHOLE water heater) will be replaced and installed tomorrow. I also get a new phone tomorrow.. So, silver lining to yesterday's debacle.
 Aside from the hot water heater and phone, I am very much looking forward to my husband being home tomorrow, I miss him and by the time he's home, I have cried myself to sleep the last few nights or shortly after his arrival.
 Prop's to all the single moms out there, bigger props to the ones with multiple children. It's only Tuesday and I am ready for that tropical vacation to be dropped on my door step.
 Sean said I should let Riley pick some lottery numbers for us.. He's about ready for a break (and so are we). Maybe once our week stops nickel and dime'ing us to death, we can afford to play (:
 In all seriousness though, I am pretty indifferent today. I think I was to busy to be anything but that, "busy".
 I can't deicide if I am waiting for zombies in this new age scenario, or if we are still lying in the wait, for the buffalo on our Oregon Trail. Either way.. I'd rather fast forward to a calmer place in life, as this spot isn't it.
 Oh, the dog. For the record, she's still alive and has only pee'd in the house twice today. She is just as mad at me as I am her.. so, we have pretty much avoided each other today. She's pretty bitchy and so am I.. the only difference is, I have the authority to lock her outside and leave her out there for my own desired length of time. Suck on that, Charlie.
  Good Night everyone, I sincerely hope that lately, when my loved ones have a trying day.. they think, "Whew, it could have been worse.. I could have been Kristi today." Love you guys!

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