Friday, July 10, 2015

Making it Through the Days...

There hasn't been much to update lately. Riley seems to be doing alright, dare I even say.. good. (:
 We took a family vacation a couple weeks ago and they all had a blast! We drove up the coast to San Simeon and toured the Hearst Castle, toured the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, caught two Giant's games, took a steam train ride through the Red Wood's and ran laps around the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.. all in a matter of four days. We maxed out those four days and it was an absolute BLAST.
 Riley and I have been doing some family counseling together, more so I can understand how to handle a grieving child and even more so that he can figure out how to deal, as a grieving child. It has been good for the both of us. He really is an amazing, resilient little human.
 Aubrey girl took off for the week, down to San Diego with her best friend Reagan and Riley ditched us to hang out with his Nana for the weekend, So today Madness and Coop went to work with me. Coop "behaved" better then expected and Madness helped out so much that she was treated to a manicure, haircut with style and even a brow wax! She felt pretty dang good by the time we left.
 Life has been busy but in the ways we enjoy. We have spent some quality time at the Narrows, Discovery Science Center and even the beach with some awesome friends. We have had BBQ's and plenty of sleep overs and are 4 games away from being done with basketball season.. all with a lot less sad in our world.
 It's hard to believe that tomorrow will mark 12 weeks since I got the call that Jason had passed. I can't believe that it's been nearly 3 months and some days it doesn't seem real at all.
 Today as I made the boys beds, I took time to look at the pictures of Jason we have hung in Riley's room.. it made my heart ache and it really made me miss my friend.
 I can't believe we have made it this far and this is not at all how I expected our world to be.
 We will keep on keepin' on though and everyday we grow a little more, some set backs here and there but mostly with smiles and laughs. (:

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