Friday, June 19, 2015

Oh Hey, Blog Fans..

It's been a few weeks and I know you all feel as though I have left you in the wait.. such assumptions are not true! I have been, busy. (Totally anti-clamatic, I know.)
We are doing alright over here. Getting through the long weeks and short days.
 So, I left off with a possibly fractured elbow and an emotionally damaged child. Now, we are a definite fractured elbow with a full arm cast.. and a few days better in our emotional damage. Good days and bad, Good days and bad.
 Riley is so incredibly resilient and smart. He is getting through this summer with some sad days but mostly, he's doing ok. He has been so busy with basketball, visit's with his Nana and a new, wiggly front tooth that our sad moments are few and far between. We are learning (and yes, I say "we".. because being a parent to a grieving child is always a "we" situation..) to deal with the sad moments but not to wallow in them. We are learning that sometimes our sad moments aren't triggered by anything.. and sometimes we have memories that make us sad.. So when those times hit, we share happy stories and move on and about our day. We are also learning that it's ok to be happy, a lot. It's ok to laugh and smile.. and have good days. "We" are learning that this is not an exact science and some days are really easy and some are unbearably hard but at the end of every day, we have a lot of people in our lives that love us and that is what matters most.
 Cooper, oh my Hell, Cooper is one day, going to be the death of me! We are on week 2 of cast and man, does this suck! He, also, is amazingly resilient though and has managed to make it through the days without to much holding him back. The hardest part though is not being able to swim.. Man, that really pisses him off! On day 4 of operation keep Cooper dry, we fully submerged it in water.. Yeah. that was fun. 2.5 hours on the floor of the bathroom with the blowdryer on "cool", blowing water out of that plastered mess was a blasty blast. (That entire last 1/2 was sarcasm, complete sarcasm.)
 The girls are doing amazing in basketball. Aubrey's team is undefeated so far and Madison's won their last game. I am so impressed with their drive and commitment to their teams! They really are good at it!
 Aubrey's birthday party day was a huge success. I think it was by far our biggest birthday party yet and she had an amazing time. I am still working on getting the pool clean.. So.Gross.
 Lastly, I am 30 now. When I left you all hanging two weeks ago, I was still 29.. It's crazy, not one bit of difference between then and now.
  My amazing husband planned an epic night out for us adults. We took a party bus to a piano bar down the hill where I managed to make horrible life choices, thanks to the influence of my friends. I remember very little and I am embarrassed to say.. it was ALL captured on video.
 I am going to end this here, it's 1:08 in the a.m and I have to be back to work bright and early. Just thought I would stop in and let everyone know that we are still hanging on and working on our new normal <3

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