Thursday, May 14, 2015

Living in a Fog..

Hey guys(:
 I started to update yesterday but Sean gently pointed out that last night was a movie date for us and to get off the computer.
 Yesterday was a long, busy but good day. I grabbed the kids from the bus, dropped them off with Deedee and then headed over to see a friend of mine who's baby was in the ER. I spent some time there with her and her little squishy before Sean met me there, picked me up and we trekked "down the hill."
 As you all know, I broke my life-line this week and HAD to have it fixed. I checked in at the Apple Store and my appointment wait time was three hours! (I was a walk in appointment). So we took the kids to dinner, dessert and found the boys some "Super cool, make me run fast, jump high and play basketball awesome!" shoes. Bonus for us, both pairs were on clearance. We ended the day at Apple, where the Genius Bar Technician not only offered me a completely NEW phone but also waived all the fee's.
 All day though, I felt like I was in a fog and chalked it up to allergies. The wind was blowing, stuff is blooming.. figured it wasn't a big deal. By the end of the day my right ear was super achy, my throat burned and it hurt to swallow.. I contracted my children's cooties.
  I went straight to bed, hoping I might have the energy to still chaperone Madison's field trip today.. but that was not the case. I slept most of the day today and I have no idea how I am going to make it through my evening at work as I am already ready to crawl back into bed and hibernate like a bear.
Oh, our new hot water heater was installed yesterday and works like a gem! As much as I am grateful to our neighbors, nothing beats showering in my own bathroom(:
 Riley is doing well.. he is currently outside jumping on the trampoline with Aubrey. He is getting an award next week and couldn't wait to tell us about it. I have set him up for counseling over the summer and I think it will benefit him to talk to someone who isn't emotionally tied to the situation (:
So far, our week is turning up and around. <3

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