Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Just our Day to Day. Nothing Sad (:

Hey guys! We had a busy week last week and even busier weekend.
 Last Thursday my heart results all came back clean. No sign's of weakness or disease. Good to go! The cardiologist thinks my chest pain is caused from stress and his recommendation is to do what I can to reduce my stress when possible.
 Last Thursday, Riley had a horrible day at school. Sobbing, crying and in general he had a rough, rough day. Their wasn't much I could do, as I had doctor appointments and clients all day..
 So I made up for it on Friday. Cooper and I pulled Riley out of school at noon on Friday and off for an adventure we went! I asked Riley if he would like to take flowers to his daddy's grave and he seemed super excited at the idea. We made it down to Claremont in record time and went to a local flower shop.. We sat outside for 15 minutes waiting for the owner to come back from a delivery when Riley said, "Lets just go visit dad, we don't need flowers." We made our way over to the cemetery and immediately found Jason's site. Oh, what a site it was. Dead flowers littered his grave, all the sprays that were left behind from the funeral, lay dying and decayed. IMMEDIATELY Riley voiced that he did not like it, nor did he want to be there. He went and climbed a tree not to far from the grave and played for a bit while I sat and chatted with Jay.
 We left and drove towards Anaheim to meet up with Jason's cousin Casey, his wife Jillian and their boys Ryder and Brooks (aka Hoops). We had dinner at downtown Disney where the boys quickly acquainted themselves and then we headed back over to their Hotel for some Jacuzzi/swim time. The boys had a blast. They didn't want to leave, Riley even asked to stay the weekend (but he had prior obligations to his Nana and Poppy.) 3.5 hour's driving home, on the 15 freeway, on a Friday night.. I am here to tell you, EFF THAT! Ugh, that construction can't be done soon enough.
 Riley went from one grandparent to the other from Saturday to Monday and he had a great time. I got good reports from both that a lot of fun was had and he was a blast to have!
 He's doing well today. I was at the school this morning for Aubrey's awards.. prepare yourself right now cause I am about to brag so hard. Aubrey girl scored herself a total of 5 awards! One in Math, One in Citizenship, One in Perfect Attendance, One in Honor Roll and a GOLD PRESIDENTIAL AWARD! She is soo incredibly smart and motivated! She makes me so proud.
 I made my way through the kids classes like normal and then said my goodbyes for the summer.  It was pretty awesome being able to volunteer in their classes this year and I look forward to doing it again next.
 Soon enough, I may start using this blog to exploit my childhood a bit.. and work through some of the issues that have come back my way in the last month or so. Ill warn you in the headlines so that, if you don't have an interest.. You shouldn't read it. It's not a super happy story but obviously my "today" story is. I've always said I should write a book.. but I don't think thats my speed as I have tried several times.. and it just comes out sloppy.
 I hope all my friends had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and Thank You to all the military men and women whom I have the pleasure of knowing, past and present. <3

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