Wednesday, February 20, 2013

..and the rug was pulled..

So, after a solid two and a 1/2 weeks of back and fourth with my lawyer.. last Tuesday we FINALLY signed all legal contracts and were ready to move forward into this surrogacy journey. Little did I know that would be tedious time wasted. Friday morning I woke to a call from the IVF clinic in CT letting me know I was no longer fit to continue on the journey.
 After I had Cooper I decided to get "fixed". The method I chose is fairly new and not as invasive as a tubal. They went in and placed two copper stints into my tubes and after a few months my body built up enough scar tissue to seal them up. Either way, a tiny amount of the stint still sticks down into my uterus. With that tiny bit of history into my medical history this is the reason the clinic felt I was no longer fit to carry on. Yes, I disclosed this information from the application process and to everyone else in between. The clinic even had a copy of the medical record from when the procedure was done.
 When I first received the news I was "ok" with it. Sad for the couple we were doing this for, as we had the chance to meet them and I was very excited to move forward with this. I looked at it as though it "wasn't meant to be."
 I really tried hard not to "stew" and to just accept that a lot has changed in the five months prior to getting this far and that maybe now my plate is full enough.
 Now I can say that I am just pissed. Maybe its part of the stages of "loss or grief".. but either way I am truly upset. I am upset that this rug was pulled out from under us, I am upset that the agency isn't holding true to their end of the bargain as far as my reimbursements go and I am upset that so much time was wasted (mine and theirs) for absolutely nothing.
 For whatever reason I really felt like I was meant for this. I was EXCITED! We were excited about the couple we had chose and who had chose us back! It just seemed like a great fit.
 I was told from the start I would not come out of pocket for ANYTHING. Prior to our trip to CT I expressed concern to all the right people that I did not have a contract in place. Basically, no protection or "gurantee" if you will. I was told, "you have nothing to worry about! All payments can be retro'd once your contracts are in place!"... well now I am left with a child care bill that no one wants to pay because someone else canceled this journey? Complete bullshit if you ask me. (Yes, I am working on getting someone, anyone to fix this.)
 Even more I am upset for the time wasted. I have spent MONTHS getting every form faxed, every e mail sent, every phone call returned promptly. For what? The clinic could have LOOKED at the records and decided not to carry on prior to wasting mine and Sean's time flying out there. They wasted the IP's time and money.
 So, for everyone wondering what has been going on since we traveled, what the next step is, ect. This is it. Over way faster then it started and now I will just have to blog about everyday life. LOL
 Thanks for the short following of this journey and I am glad I had the support from my friends and family. (: Love you guys.

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